The Triumph of Hope

I happen to watch Lion the other day. It’s a poignant story about Saroo Brierley, a young man who gets lost as a child but, somehow, miraculously finds his way back home after… Continue reading

Buy less, choose well

  Have you ever wondered why an iPhone with advanced software cannot come up with a sturdy screen or an earphone? I hear a lot of my friends who run errands looking for… Continue reading


I’m just a regular Tibetan working woman. And this is a small attempt to keep my fellow Tibetans reminded about why we need to go beyond our differences. Let me begin to remind… Continue reading

Chai Lelo, chai lelo

When you spot a tea seller or a chaiwallah next time, you might also be sipping a hot cup of chai from a prospective Chief Minister or an author in the making. Don’t… Continue reading

Table for two

– – – –  – a conversation between two friends – – – – – – Me: See, this is universal. We all have a blown out proportion of self-importance. And in this… Continue reading

When White met Grey

White: After soaking myself in Hindustani music at an open stage near an old monument, I hopped on a bus that evening. It was a full moon day. Looking outside the windows of… Continue reading

Playing a little devil

It’s been a month since my last update. And in those 30 days, there were so many interesting episodes that left me bewildered, excited and motivated. At the Buddhist conference in New Delhi,… Continue reading

I have a message for you

I was sitting with my group of rapporteurs in the lobby when His Holiness the Karmapa smiled and gestured, it was probably because he noticed this petite girl in a green chupa amidst… Continue reading

Tibetan dress through the eyes of a rebellion

Well, the reason why I kept bombarding you guys with my mental acrobatics was because of my long and thought provoking sabbatical. So, let’s just leave my narcissism aside, and talk about an emerging… Continue reading

Do you feel better now?

Do you have an aggravating worry or an insecurity? Let it rest, for it is in its nature to fade away with time. Are you in a dark place? Don’t feel lonely, for… Continue reading