Two truths

Let’s be honest, most of us are self-centered. We believe what we think or perceive is nothing less than perfect, or close to perfection. We subscribe to our own set of thoughts and values. That’s natural. But all of us have different perspective, different views about what is right and wrong. So what actually is the truth? What is the reality?

Let’s drag this confusion further.

According to Madhyamaka school of Buddhism, there’s conventional (kunzob) and ultimate (dhon dhumpa) truth. Conventional truth indicates mistaken awareness. Ultimate truth is about emptiness, that everything is empty of inherent and concrete existence. Most of our sufferings come from validating the conventional truth.

Nothing is absolute. What we see around us is mostly a distorted set of perceptions. Don’t get carried away by it. Be aware of the true nature of every existing phenomena.

I don’t claim to fully understand the ultimate truth. I’m still confused. But then, confusion takes you closer to clarity. Right?

On that note, here’s an insightful thought by His Holiness the 3rd Karmapa

May we receive the flawless teachings, the foundation of which are the two truths
Which are free from the extremes of eternalism and nihilism,
And through the supreme path of the two accumulations, free from the extremes of negation and affirmation,
May we obtain the fruit which is free from the extremes of either,
Dwelling in the conditioned state or in the state of only peace.