Everything is impermanent

Thata, nalla irrka ma (grandfather, are you keeping well)? I thought I could hear him say, “Irrka, Dolma.” But then, Acchi (his wife) picked up the call and informed that he passed away.… Continue reading

A mere concoction

I’m suddenly in a mood to dissect this thing that makes the world go round. I know everyone who has ever fallen in love, would resonate with my thoughts about this indescribable feeling.… Continue reading

All that jazz

It was back in 2011 when I first saw her on the television, trying to break ice with the teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber. The Bieber frenzy was at peak then, and everyone were… Continue reading

Two truths

Let’s be honest, most of us are self-centered. We believe what we think or perceive is nothing less than perfect, or close to perfection. We subscribe to our own set of thoughts and… Continue reading

Frog in a well

#This is strictly meant for people who are a little flexible in their head. I might be wrong in saying this, but sometimes, I think you should just go where life takes you.… Continue reading

Closet masters

Besides digging through my mind, I also dig fashion. There’s a hidden charm in expressing through what you wear than mouthing an impressive bio data. If you are a sartorial maniac, it saves… Continue reading

Inner peace

Never commit any evil deeds, accumulate wealth of merits, completely tame one’s own mind. This is my teaching. -Lord Buddha This evening at Tsuk Lag Khang, I was gazing in sheer admiration at… Continue reading


Well, this is the very first post of my blog, and it seems daunting to come up with something great to say about my intentions behind it. In short, it’s my outlet. I… Continue reading